Woman rams into double parked car in Bangsar

The woman was clearly angry

By Huzraifah Atikah

Those who like to double park their cars are the most inconsiderate people. 

This action should not be tolerated as it troubles people so much especially when no contact number are left.

While, most drivers would just horn and wait patiently for the car behind to move, this woman was seeing ramming her car into the double-parked vehicle. 

Recently on Apr 3, a Twitter user named Chris Chew posted the video of a woman trying to get out of the parking lot at Bangsar Village. 

Based on the video, the woman was seen struggling to reverse her white Myvi in an attempt to drive out of the parking lot.

As she reversed, her Myvi hit into the white car double-parked behind.

A stranger helped to direct her out of the tight spot while bystanders were seen and heard in the video cheering her on. 

Only after several attempts, she eventually managed to drive her car out of the parking spot.

However, before driving off, the woman left a message written on a piece of paper and put it on the windscreen for the driver who blocked her.