Post with care

The expectant mother in LRT

By Huzraifah Atikah

After facing a backlash for posting the photo of a pregnant woman standing in a crowded LRT train, the girl has apologised and hoped the matter would be resolved with a mutual understanding.

The user Atma Z had earlier posted the picture that went viral but things took a turn when one of the men sitting in the train responded that it was a misleading photo that had tarnished his image.

She then tweeted:

One of the men Muhammad Firdaus, was upset with the viral post and explained that the other seated passengers and himself only noticed the woman after being told by others.

Muhammad Firdaus then asked Atma Z to publicly apologise for the misunderstanding and humiliation.

She then apologised saying the faces should have been blurred before posting.

She said her intention was different from what people perceived and that keyboard warriors have twisted the situation by using her viral photo.