Recalling housemen on their off day not a good move

Overworked doctors may endanger patient safety

By Huzraifah Atikah

The truth is you will only understand how hard doctors work if you are a doctor or personally know someone who works in the profession. 

Otherwise, you will not truly understand their sufferings from not having enough time for themselves or to even have a proper 7 hours sleep in a week.

Despite the worries that trainee doctors may not have enough rest as well as to attend to their patients, the Health Minister had recently spoken about doctors’ off days. 

Last Friday, the Ministry of Health tweeted Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad’s statement, saying that hospitals are allowed to recall housemen during their single off days per week.

With that, Dr. Dzulkefly said housemen could replace their off days at the end of their training, where necessary.

However, the announcement did not go down well with the Malaysian medical community.

Some trainee doctors were furious over the statement and responded to the tweet by saying:

Not only that, but it seems like a senior doctor also responded to the tweet, he said:

 Netizens were also quick to respond to the Tweet, many of them do not agree with the tweet, they said:

What do you think of this issue? Looks like the Health Minister should start listening to the voice of the majority.