Form 4 girl blackmailed to send naked pics

The suspect also pretended to be someone else to scare the student

By Huzraifah Atikah

Many teenage girls dream of becoming a model but for some the pursuit ends in a tragedy. 

Some of these naive girls end up falling into traps by irresponsible people who want to exploit them. 

Recently, an 18-year-old guy was arrested by police in Taiping for allegedly threatening to circulate semi-naked pictures of a Form Four girl from Sabah through Instagram.

Beaufort police chief Deputy Supt Azmir Abd Razak said the suspect, used the account name “Fordhaneem”, to befriend the student through Instagram last month.

In the beginning, the suspect claimed he was an agent scouting for models and offered the victim an opportunity to model for his ‘agency’.

Azmir said the suspect even sent the girl a form to fill up.  

The suspect then asked her to send nude photos of herself to select the size of clothes but the girl only sent him semi-naked pictures.

However, the girl later realised that something was not right when the suspect kept insisting for her to send full naked photos of herself. 

Suspecting something amiss, she then decided not to entertain the suspect’s subsequent messages.

But to her surprise, it did not end there. The victim then received a WhatsApp text from someone named ‘Harith’ who claimed that he had obtained the photos from Fordhaneem.

This 'Harith' said he could help stop the photos from being spread online but she had to pay him RM500 first.  

The guy also threatened the girl by saying that if she failed to do so, he will release the photos and it could go viral.

“The girl, however, did not make the payment because she suspected Harith and Fordhaneem were the same person," said Azmir. 

The girl quickly lodged a police report and the police tracked down the suspect in Taiping. 

The suspect has been remanded six days for investigation. 

Police are investigating the case under the Sexual Offences Against Children Act 2017.

They are also looking into whether the suspect was involved in more similar cases.

To young girls out there, be careful and don't easily trust anybody.

If you think that anything is too good to be true, chances are it is a scam.