Remanded for stealing some food to eat?

Picture from Utusan Malaysia

By John Isaac

This is truly amazing. Guess the mistake two poor security guards in Terengganu did was to get caught.

After all, according to a BN politician, one does not commit a crime so long as he or she does not get caught right?

Recently, the two guards were remanded and their pictures splashed all over newspapers just because they stole and ate some food from a supermarket worth RM38.80!

The two guards were employed at the supermarket and were apparently caught after the wrappers for some bread, mini pizza, muffins and friend chicken were found at the guard house.

Netizens were so upset with this and several of them even offered to pay for the food items.

It is also so disgraceful for the supermarket concerned to kick up a fuss over such a trivial matter.

I am sure the guards were hungry, forcing them to resort to such measures.

No doubt stealing is a crime, but come one, politicians have stolen billions from us and are still walking around free out there.

Where is the humanity when it comes to such crimes?

Are these two, aged just 19 and 20 going to have their whole lives ruined just because of this?

While laws are meant to be upheld, there has to be a fair level of sensibility and humanity also.

There are murderers, rapists, conmen and all sorts roaming freely out there and here we are going after poor, hungry people who stole to feed themselves.

It is really heart-breaking to see the two of them in handcuffs and police lock-up attire being escorted by two policemen.

We have been robbed from right under our noses and we kept quiet for years and here we are prosecuting the poor who stole to feed themselves.

They certainly did not steal to buy themselves or their wives pink diamond rings or a luxury yacht!