Super cool laundry which allows strays to stay in

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

A laundry in Puchong has won praises from netizens, especially animal lovers for its kindness to stray dogs.

Instead of chasing away strays, like others would do, they have welcomed them into their outlet.

In fact, there is a notice outside their door that reads "Stray dog inside this laundry shop" and another about how they are saving a particular stray from dog catchers.

The owners obviously did not mind losing customers, but were keen on saving the dog.

However, in fact, they ended up getting more popular than expected and probably will be getting many more customers due to their kind gesture.

Netizens have since made Rea's Laundry viral all over social media and many have said they would visit the laundry even though they had a washing machine at home!

Others have also started a move to collect food and other items for the dogs to help out the owner.

Well, this certainly goes to prove that being kind to God's creatures will always be rewarded.