Boy who was reported missing, found sleeping in bus

Image from theSun

By John Isaac

The parents of a four-year-old boy endured several hours of distress yesterday when their son went "missing" after a sports day rehearsal.

According to reports, the boy had earlier attended his kindergarten's sports day rehearsal.

Police said prior to the incident, the boy had accompanied his classmates by bus to the Padang Agrobank in Bangi for the rehearsal.

When they returned, the boy's mother came to fetch him about 4.50pm when they realised the boy was missing.

Police who arrived at the kindergarten realised there were no CCTVs there and began questioning the teachers.

The boy had accompanied 87 other students and 11 teachers in three school buses to attend the rehearsal.

Before leaving the sports venue, the teachers did a headcount and also checked the premises.

They later realised that the boy was not in the class but his bad was still there.

The school then contacted one of the bus drivers about 7.05pm and he inspected the bus.

To his surprise, he found the boy fast asleep in one of the seats.

Police then went to the driver's house in Cheras and the boy has since been safely reunited with his parents.