Helpless girl molested by ambulance staff on the way to hospital

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

She was weak and helpless and trusted the ambulance staff to look after her, instead she was sexually molested.

A 17-year-old girl was being rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Normal SOP would require the staff to administer whatever medical care possible to the patient till they reach the hospital, but that was not what happened in this case.

The victim worked part-time at a university cafe in Selangor and on Sunday, she began having severe stomach cramps and called her employer for help.

The owner of the cafe rushed over, but found the victim had already fainted and took her to the university clinic.

There, the doctor said her condition was serious and arranged for the university ambulance to take her to the doctor.

The employer then went over to the hospital to check on her where he found her trembling and crying profusely.

According to reports in the Chinese press, she told her employer the ambulance staff had groped her breasts and even violated her with his finger.

She was weak and unable to fight back when the incident occurred.

The employer was outraged and immediately lodged a police report.

The cops have since nabbed the 22-year-old suspect and are investigating.

Hope he gets what he deserved for such a horrendous act.