Netizens touched by simple act of kindness by mamak restaurant staff

Image from Twitter

By John Isaac

A simple act of kindness will surely go a long way.

Netizens have been moved following the kindness of a mamak restaurant staff who took time to feed a disabled person recently.

A netizen shared pictures of this heartwarming incident on Twitter on April 22.

The staff is seen patiently feeding the disabled man after bringing him his food.

He could have just left the food on the table, but instead proceeded to actually feed him with a spoon.

It was later revealed that the staff had been working there for the last five years and in fact, makes excellent teh tarik.

The restaurant, SA Maju is located in Skudai, Johor.

A netizen said the staff, Imran, may look arrogant, but was actually a very kind man.

Well done Imran ... we certainly need more people like you!