Students forced to smash their own phones

The students are forced to smash their phones with a hammer

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Many school students bring their phones to schools despite it being banned. 

If caught, the usual punishments is that the phones are seized and only returned if the parents show up at the school.

If you think this punishment is bad, then you need to know how its done in China!

Recently, a video of school kids smashing their phones with a hammer went viral over social media.

The students were forced to destroy their own phones after being caught with them.

If you watch the video, the students who got caught lined up by the stage at the assembly area and took turns to smash their phones while other students watched them.

To make sure the students will never bring their phones again, a teacher then hammered the phones several few times to ensure it was a total loss.

Here's the video

It must be so painful for all those kids involved. 

Would this punishment work in Malaysia? Do you agree with this kind of punishment?