RM2.6m new building for SJKT Klebang

The school need more facilities due to the number of students. -Pix from Google

By Huzraifah Atikah

No students would ever feel comfortable learning in a cramped classroom due to lack of facilities and infrastructure. 

In SJKT Klebang this problem is not new as for several years, students at the school had to bear being in such an environment just to get education.

The school reportedly opened in 1914 and currently has over 500 students and 36 teachers. There's no doubt that crowded classrooms can surely affect the learning process. 

Thankfully the problem will soon be over as the Education Ministry announced that SJKT Klebang will get a new block at the existing site of the school.

Early last month, Deputy Education Minister Teo Nie Ching visited the school in Chemor, Perak to view the conditions and needs of the school. 

Following that, the Ministry said SJKT Klebang would need an additional building because its facilities are not balanced with the number of the students.

Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik today announced that RM2.6 million had been approved to build a new building for the school. 

“This is part of the government's commitment to providing good quality of facilities and infrastructure for Tamil schools. It is to ensure the teaching and learning process can be done in a conducive environment,” Maszlee said in a statement.

He said the Ministry's main focus was to ensure that the well-being of the students was well protected.

"With that, efforts will be taken from time to time to ensure the school ecosystem is always intact."