The high level of corruption under BN to blame for large number of illegals here

By John Isaac

Many of us may not realise just how important foreign workers are to the economy and development of the country.

While most of us feel wary over the presence of such large numbers, the actual fact as we all know, is that most of them are illegals.

The high levels of corruption under the previous Barisan Nasional administration opened the doors to millions of illegals to flood the country, while the legal ones were also immediately labelled as trouble makers.

Back then, I recall the sole purpose the government opened their doors to foreign workers was simply because development was rapid and there were just not enough locals who wanted to be employed in such sectors.

Also, the rising costs of construction materials made it difficult for developers to meet the rising salaries.

At first the idea of opening the doors to foreigners was going on well and there was no issue of illegals.

However, slowly but surely, corruption seeped into the process and everyone was simply entering Malaysia at will.

Also, unscrupulous parties under the BN administration immediately cashed in on this and in a matter of years, we had an influx of foreign workers here.

Today, whether we want to admit it or not, we cannot function without foreign workers.

They play a major role in almost all industries - construction, food, nursing, transport etc.

I believe our construction industry would simply collapse if not for them.

Fortunately, of late, under M. Kulasegaran, the Minister for Human Resources, the recruitment is better managed and slowly, but surely, it is being cleaned up.

The problem is not with the foreign workers, but the way the former BN administration handled the whole issue.

Whether we admit it not, corruption is still very rife in our society and would probably take the PH administration several years to totally eradicate it.

We as citizens have to play our due roles in helping the government put an end to it and not keep encouraging it.