Datuk Seri wanted again by the police

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

So, just what is the value of an honorary title in Malaysia?

I recall a time when one had to contribute greatly to society before he or she can be given any title.

But over time, it seemed like every "Tom, Dick & Harry" was either a Tan Sri, Datuk or something like that.

In fact, many were wondering what a certain 24-year-old had done for the country to deserve a Datuk Seri title at the age of just 24.

Well, apart from making the news for bashing up three Rela members, nobody seems to know why.

Recently, Datuk Seri Lew Soon Hee made the news again - this time for his alleged involvement in a huge fight at a bar in Scott Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

Apparently, the entire fracas was over a woman.

Chinese media reported more than 60 men, mostly in black and wearing masks running wild with weapons, trashing the bar.

Lucky there were no customers at the time and damage was estimated about RM200,000.

The Datuk Seri is apparently a member of a notorious gang in Ampang and police have so far nabbed 14 suspects.

They believe Lew is the mastermind and have urged those involved to surrender, failing which they will launch a manhunt.