Bomb threat in Sunway University?

Sunway University

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Several private universities were under a bomb threat allegedly made against them. 

It was reported that these threats were posted on Facebook confession accounts. 

However, the Facebook page has since been taken down.

In the viral post, the suspect wrote that he was not well-treated by his classmates and has been avoided by all the girls. 

What is more interesting that the suspect has explained what and when he and his other friend will do. 

The post seems to suggest that there will a bomb or a shooting on May 14 (today) between 11.30am and 5pm at the university's foyer.

Full post below:

The post has been circulating in social media and it has got the attention of universities in the Sunway area.

Sunway Education Group senior executive director Dr Elizabeth Lee said the authorities were monitoring the situation, while Sunway's security was also aware of the situation. 

"It has come to our attention that some messages causing unease were aimed at a number of educational institutions, are being circulated on social media. The group views this with grave concern.

"Please be assured that our students and staff's safety and security remain our priority wherever possible.

"As always, we encourage our Sunway community to care for each other and maintain awareness of our surroundings at all times and to inform security personnel or staff of suspicious persons or activities," she said in a post on the Sunway student portal. 

Although the suspect only mentioned about Sunway University, Taylor's University has also advised its students to be cautious.

An email was sent to Taylor's students telling them to use emergency phones in corridors to contact the security control room if they noticed suspicious activity or packages.

"We have heightened security on campus and will continue to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of the people in our campus.

"Students are advised to not engage with the individual or open the package," Taylor's told its students.

Is it a hoax? Or just the work of a frustrated student?