Enough of lies and false promises

Image from theSundaily

Why are basic human rights often overlooked in Malaysia?

Is it because those in power are afraid to implement it or are the people themselves reluctant to accept it?

The implementation of basic human rights is not going to rob any one person of his or her special privileges, but merely guide all Malaysians to treat each other better.

The entire anti-ICERD rally can be summed up as a poor effort by a group of insecure people afraid to be placed on an equal footing as others.

Afraid to accept this challenge, certain individuals, especially those with power chose to make use of certain weaker individuals for their own, personal gains.

It was obvious that a large number of those present at the rally had no clue what ICERD was all about.

They were obviously there because of some form of reward offered by certain individuals.

Adopting and adhering to the basic principles of human rights is what is needed in this country to help steer the nation forward.

By hiding under the shield of certain rights and benefits is not going to help one progress, but rather regress.

How long are we going to hide under our umbrellas and prevent the challenges from this fast changing world from creeping in?

Sooner or later, the effects of globalisation are going to hit every aspect of our economy and unless we brace ourselves for this, we may never attain a fully developed status.

It is time for those certain individuals to accept the fact that Malaysians are becoming smarter and can no longer be duped by false promises.

The dawn of social media and the wide spread usage of the internet has helped disseminate information to every corner of society and unless those living under rocks began opening their eyes, there will soon be no room for them here.

Gone are the days when one could go into a kampung and buy over the villagers with false promises and smooth talk.

Today, every pakcik and makcik are well aware of what is going on and want their voices to be heard.

By the next general election, the voice of the rakyat will be louder and clearer and there will no longer be room for false promises and lies.

The time has come for those irresponsible few to open their eyes and began competing with others on a global scale.

A true Malaysian