4,000 UiTM students up in arms over speed humps

Motorcyclists are having a rough time with the humps

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

UiTM students are riled up over the newly installed speed humps over all the Shah Alam campus.

Emergency breaking, bikes almost losing control and cars that seem to bounce off the humps are now a common scene at the campus. 

Fed up with it, a group students calling themselves "warga-warga UiTM Prihatin" have launched a signature campaign to send a petition to the university management to handle the issue.

They want the humps to be either removed or redesigned to make it safer for students especially at night. 

"The newly installed speed humps in UiTM Shah Alam are not motorists-friendly. Imagine a bus that completely stops before the speed hump and behind that bus is a student on a motorcycle who could not stop in time. What do you think would happened?," asked the student who initiated the campaign and preferred to remain anonymous.

The petition with title UiTM Facilities: Please change the speed humps! has collected almost 4,000 signatures as of now.

Students who signed the petition also believed that the speed humps were not suitable as it was more likely to cause problems rather than solve them.

Another student stated that she almost had an accident due of the new humps.

Youth Connect team look at the situation in UiTM Shah Alam and manage to capture the problems faced by the students.

Traffic also gets backed up especially in mornings and evening as road users slow down to go over the humps.

The petition has got the attention of UiTM Vice Chancellor Prof Emeritus Dr Mohd Azraai Kassim, who said he would deliberate the matter with the university management.

The students are thankful for the quick response and hoping a good outcome will occur.