Stop trying to incite racial tension among the rakyat

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By John Isaac

It is not uncommon for opposing political to dig deep with the hope of unearthing some negative elements against each other.

However, there has to be a limit to this form of gutter politics.

Digging up old videos and trying to put a spin to it is something the rakyat are truly getting tired of, especially when it is aimed at inciting racial tension.

It is no secret that Barisan Nasional social media influencers are well known for doing this with the aim of stirring racial problems.

They know that race and religion is a highly sensitive issue in the country and this is something they can use to create problems.

Recently, Human Resources Minister M. Kula Segaran scored milestones for the Pakatan Harapan government with the launch of the robotics rehabilitation centre in Malacca and the move to send workers to Japan.

For one, the new rehabilitation centre is a sure win for many suffering from paralysis and weakening limbs - it offers them the chance to walk again and is a first for the country.

The centre boasts state-of-the-art facilities and is expected to help thousands of Malaysians.

The second major initiative was the move to send skilled workers from Malaysia to Japan.

This move will not only help locals gain a tremendous amount of exposure, but also give them the opportunity to earn large salaries and help their folks back home.

Since Kula Segaran made this announcement, BN troopers have relentlessly been on the attack, claiming this was a bad move and would have negative implications on the country.

How this is going to be negative to anyone remains to be seen.

You learn new skills, work in Japan, earn huge bucks and help those back home - how could this go wrong?

Just to discredit Kula Segaran, they have gone the distance to dig out old videos of him speaking in Tamil and allegedly insulting the Muslims.

Firstly, one must understand that Tamil is a pretty complex language and very often it can be misinterpreted to mean all kinds of things.

Obviously in these videos, certain quarters have taken extracts, then interpreted it the way they want and made it viral.

What is their aim actually? To recreate another May 13? Are they not happy that the people are living in peace and harmony?

Motive to create unrest among the rakyat

The only motive here is to stir up the Malays against the Indians with the hope of creating unrest and discrediting PH.

We, as peace loving Malaysians need to look beyond this stupidity and evil intentions and simply ignore such things.

Everyone knows BN is forking out millions to their social media influencers every month to create problems and we must not be influenced by this.

We must see the good in everything and unless PH does something detrimental to the well being of the people or country, there is really nothing to jump about.

BN must realise the huge damage they have caused and not try to use race and religion as a means to cover their mess.

There is no longer room for race-based politics in our society and it is time BN realises this.

For people like Kula Segaran, remain focused on what you are doing and let the rakyat be the judge.