Youth depression needs to be handled better online-Dr Wan Azizah

What happened in Sarawak in tragic.- Pix from Google

By Huzraifah Atikah

Netizens have been urged to be more responsible on social media so as to avoid any unfortunate incidents like the poll driven suicide of the Sarawakian girl.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said it was sad that this young girl who took her own life was influenced by irresponsible people on social media.

"I think netizens must be responsible as well... (for) voting... this (life) is not something to play with,” she told the media.

She also took note of the statement from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) that an individual could be hauled up if there were believed to have abetted the suicide.

MCMC said under Section 305 of the Penal Code, it was an offence to abet the act of committing suicide by a person below the age of 18 years. Offenders can be sentenced up to 20 years jail and fined.

Dr Wan Azizah added that mental health problems, especially among adolescents, needed to addressed and required the concerted collaboration of all ministries and agencies.

“For youngsters who feel like giving up, they need counselling,” she said.

Malaysians were recently shocked over the death of a teenage girl who committed suicide after 69 percent voted for death over life when she posted a poll on her Instagram.

However, based on the statement from the victim's mother, she did not show any behavioural changes prior to her suicide.

Last Monday, the victim had uploaded the status: “Really Important, Help Me to Choose D / L” (die or live) on Instagram.

The victim also uploaded a status on Facebook which read “Wanna Quit F ** king Life I’m Tired”.

Padawan District Police deputy chief DSP Merbin Lisa said the teenager was believed to have been suffering from depression.

“According to her mother, the victim was close to her stepfather but since he remarried in Singapore, he rarely returned to Kuching to meet the victim. This caused the victim to feel depressed,” he added.