What is Maszlee trying to do actually?

Image from NST

By John Isaac

Looks like some Pakatan Harapan ministers are working over time to ensure they are just a one-term government.

From making baseless, senseless statements to washing dirty linen in public, these ministers are "doing all they can" to open the doors for a BN comeback.

The latest statement comes once again from our Education Minister, Maszlee Malik who said private universities are mostly filled with non-bumis because they are better off than the Malays. 

He also said non-bumis are rich therefore the quotas must remain to enable the Bumis to compete on an equal footing. 

This statement has certainly not gone down well with hardworking Indian and Chinese parents who have slogged long and hard to educate their kids.

The reason private institutions are filled with non-Malays is not because they are drowning in cash, but simply because they cannot make it into public universities.

Unable to afford an overseas education as most rich children of Barisan Nasional politicians, non-Malay parents have no choice but to opt for private colleges.

This is not the first time Maszlee has shot off his mouth without thinking.

I really wonder who his so-called advisers are and what education they have.

First, he wanted kids to switch from white shoes to black, then he wanted to introduce a cashless payment system in schools, petrol stations on university grounds and swimming lessons to be made a co-curricular activity.

Let us not forget his statement urging religious teachers to make Sabah and Sarawak new fronts in Islamic propagation.

Seriously, how are any of these statements going to benefit our children at all?

Is PH trying to commit political suicide and make what some critics have said come true - that it is only good for as a one-term government?

I know Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has said that there is not going to be any Cabinet reshuffle, but I am sure many out there feel there is a serious need for this.

Many of us voted PH with the hope that it would make wonderful changes to the country and the well being of the people.

Sadly, this still remains a dream and apart from making ridiculous statements and constantly washing dirty linen in public, PH has let the people down.

Some ministers really do not deserve to be there and are nothing but an embarrassment.

Thank God we still have Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Wonder what would have been if he was not around.

I am sure Tun must be having one headache after another with this kind of Ministers in his Cabinet.

You have less than four years left and day after day, it is clear that Umno is getting stronger.

BN is surely preparing for a battle royale come the next general election and at this rate, we wonder if PH has what it takes to take them on.