Once popular Shima happy selling mixed rice for a living

Shima at her food stall in Damansara Damai

By John Isaac

She was famous back in the 1990s when many were heard singing and whistling her popular tunes like "Teringin" and "Setelah Aku Kau Miliki".

However, the name "Shima" or ku Nazhatul Shima Ku Kamarazzaman began to fade away as she became less popular in the preceding years.

After some time, Shima emerged again in Gegar Vaganza's first season in 2014.

However, things did not go as planned and when the programme ended, she again went silent and did not receive many singing stints.

To help her family make ends meet, Shima and her husband have since started a small mixed rice stall.

According to her, she has long been wanting to open the stall.

"I used to often cook for my friends and they were very supportive of the idea to open my business," she said.

She said she wanted to open a restaurant, but things did not work out and she was also unable to find a suitable business partner.

"For now, I am happy with my stall and if things work out, I may then open my restaurant," she told Utusan Malaysia Online.

For those who wish to taste her cooking and support this once popular singer, they can visit Warung Teringin in front of the Lestari Apartments in Damansara Damai, Selangor.

Shima and The Boys back in the days