Should we be helping others when we also need help?

Image from The Star

By YC Reader

I have nothing against helping anyone in need, but I just want to know what other Malaysians also think of this.

Recently, our Prime Minister announced that 12 local universities will be offering scholarships to Palestinian students living here.

He said this would be for them to pursue bachelor, masters and PhD courses and RM11.47 million will be raised by the universities for this.

The scholarships will be offered through the Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia (PCOM).

As it stands now, the matriculation issue remains a sore point for many Malaysians and there is yet to be any sound solution to this.

As a Malaysian, this announcement by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is akin to rubbing salt to our wounds.

In my opinion, that money can be used to help deserving Malaysians, many of whom are suffering to get loans to study.

I am not only talking about the non-Muslims here, but about everyone.

I know many Muslims who are also feeling the financial strain to fund their children to study.

Yes, it is surely good to help others, but is it appropriate at this point when our country itself is not totally back on its feet?

Why do we need to look good in the eyes of the world when our own people are still suffering?

I am sure RM11 million can go a very long way to help deserving Malaysians.