Student tricked into having sex in return for uni fees

The victim seeked help from a group called Community Policing Malaysia.

By Huzraifah Atikah

Taking advantage of her desperate financial situation, a man managed to convince a college girl to have sex with him in return for her college fees to be paid.

But then he refused to give the money and started blackmailing her with compromising photos and this drove her to the verge of suicide. 

The girl eventually sought help and a trap was laid for him as he tried to force the girl to sleep with him again. 

Community Policing Malaysia group founder Kuan Chee Heng said the victim was on the verge of committing suicide as she couldn’t stand the blackmailing. 

Kuan shared the victim’s story on his Facebook without disclosing her identity.

It all started when the victim, who comes from a poor family, had been working part-time as a waitress to earn money. 

She wanted to continue with her degree after diploma but was worried about the fees. She has been saving but it was not enough to pay for the university entrance fees. 

The suspect who is a regular customer at the restaurant where she worked, learned about her problem after talking to her.

He showed concern and offered to help her but with one condition, which is to have sex with him once. 

Kuan said: “She was reluctant but the man managed to coax her. She then slept with the man at a hotel in Puchong Perdana earlier on May 7.”

But he did not give her any money and she even had to pay for her own Grab fare back to her rented room.

However, on May 10 the situation became worse when the suspect started blackmailing her using naked photos that he secretly took during when she was sleeping and also when changing. 

“He threatened to spread her nudes photos in her college platform and other social media. She had no other choice but to agree to his demands as she has no friends whom she can trust to seek help,” Kuan said. 

The suspect promised the girl that he will delete her photos once the deed is done. 

He did not stop there as he again sent her three pictures of her body and threatened her again. 

At a lost and depressed by the whole thing, the girl contemplated suicide. She somehow confided in a friend who then referred her to Kuan.

“We told her to go to the designated point and waited for 2 hours and the b**tard came and he was intercepted. The girl asked him for his handphone and saw many naked photos of her and also sex videos of other women. 

“We managed to save the girl and handed the man to the police," he added. 

Kuan also said on his post:

It is unfortunate that many students face such financial hardships and there are many vultures out there waiting to prey on them. Students need to be vigilant and seek help when faced with such problems.