What prompted the teenager to kill the monkey?

Image from The Straits Times

By John Isaac

Cases of animal cruelty in our society is not uncommon and very often we read of dogs and cats being rescued from abusive owners.

We have also read of some sick people who tied dogs to their cars and trucks and dragged the poor animals along the road.

Recently, netizens were shocked and outraged after videos of a caged monkey being shot to death went viral.

The teenager involved had apparently shot the innocent animal because it could not speak.

He is now awaiting charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2015 and could spend three years in jail if found guilty.

Kudos to the authorities for nabbing the culprit so quick.

However, what is most disturbing at this point is the state of mind of the teen responsible.

What was he thinking at the time and what could have possibly prompted him to perform such an evil act?

Do we blame his upbringing, society, social media or education level?

A person has to possess some form of anger, hatred or disturbing state of mind to perform such an act in cold blood.

The animal was caged and helpless and the teen shot it without hesitation.

We are talking about our future generation here and it is indeed scary.

Are these our leaders of tomorrow?

Most would immediately point fingers at the teen's parents and his upbringing, but I believe it is much more than that.

Society needs to give him a fair chance

Sometimes society makes you become who you are because of the way they treat you.

In most cases, a sound religious education can help a person cope with the pressures of daily life much better.

Religions are there for a reason and certainly not to be exploited for political reasons.

With the right religious guidance and positive influence, I am sure this teen can be saved and become a useful member of society.

However, to accomplish this, society as a whole needs to give him a fair chance and not become judge and jury.

Unlike in the past, teens these days are struggling to face each day and the challenges they encounter are much greater.

The sad truth is that the more developed a nation becomes, the higher the level of stress and challenges faced by our youths.

Many often find solace in the internet which as we all know can be a death trap in itself.

There is no clear cut explanation or solution to what this teen did and every single member of society must play his or her part to make a difference.