Should e-hailing passengers register with MyKad?

Grab is doing its best to upgrade its system to ensure the safety for both drivers and passengers. -Pix from Google

By Huzraifah Atikah

E-hailing operators have been urged to ensure that all passengers register using their identity cards in order to protect the drivers.

The Malaysian e-Hailing Drivers Association (Mehda) president Daryl Chong said this is the most fundamental thing that the industry should address and was necessary to prevent culprits involved in any crimes from escaping.

He said it was dangerous that anyone can register to be a Grab passenger just by obtaining a SIM card and subsequently using any name to be a passenger.

It is unfair that passengers get to know that the driver is genuine but the driver does not know whether the passenger is genuine or a potential robber.

Chong said he had previously asked e-hailing operators to be stricter in ensuring all passengers were registered properly.

Unfortunately, the e-hailing operators claimed this issue was ‘not relevant’, saying privacy issues were involved.

“These operators can always put in a clause that if a passenger wants to use the service, they must abide by the requirement to register properly. This will ensure every single passenger is a genuine person with good intentions,” he said. 

“Passengers should be asked to register using a proper identification document, for instance, using their MyKad or passport,” added Chong. 

He also said he personally tried using a few SIM cards just to test out the system and he could easily access all the e-hailing apps. 

“The e-hailing operators must consider the driver’s safety. When the passengers are not being registered using their ID, the risks for the driver increases,” he said.

This issue comes after Malaysians were shocked with the news of a robbery-cum-murder of a Grab driver in Sabah.

Last weekend, a Grab driver named Mohd Hanafiee Jaffar, 27, was robbed and murdered.

Sabah police chief Omar Mammah said two suspects, a local man, 24, and a foreigner, 20, had been identified and nabbed.

Prior to their arrests, police in Tuaran had found the body, but could not confirm whether it was Hanafiee’s.

According to the police report lodged by Hanafiee's girlfriend, his car was found parked near the Ramadan Bazaar in Indah Permai at about 12 am, on May 26.

His car was locked but there were bloodstains on the steering wheel, handbrake, the inside windscreen and the front door.

Following this incident, many Grab drivers now fear for their life.

Grab Malaysia said it remained steadfast in its commitment to minimise the risks and ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers alike.

It said in a statement that they will continue to develop tech-driven solutions and increase community awareness and education programmes.

Currently, Grab has in place a variety of tools such as the emergency button and ‘share my ride’ feature where both parties are able to share trip details and live GPS locations with friends and loved ones.

Recently, Grab also have launched ‘passenger selfie verification’.

“Passenger-initiated crimes on our platform have declined by 30% and we expect to improve this further and expand this requirement to more users,” it said.

It added that it would continue to work with the police to reduce criminal cases.