Just how much did BN and its cronies loot from us?

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

If it is one person Malaysians want to see behind bars, apart from our former premier, would be fugitive businessman, Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low.

Many have welcomed the news from Inspector-General of Police, Datuk Seri Hamid Bador that he is expected to be detained soon and brought back to face justice.

Malaysians were fighting to put food on their tables, to send kids to school and just to survive, while this fugitive was drinking, partying and sailing around the world.

The worse part being that he did not even work for a single dollar and it was all probably our hard earned taxes.

However, the sad reality is that I am sure there are still many Jho Lows out there who were greatly enriched during Barisan Nasional's regime.

While we welcome the arrest of these criminals, it would be good if the government could get the loot they stole back to our coffers.

Most Malaysians are yet to get back on their feet as the economy has far from picked up.

If all the money Najib and Co stole from the country could be returned, I am sure it would be a great help to us.

Wonder just how much the BN band of bandits actually looted from us in total.