Driver threatened with parang following misunderstanding

Man threatens driver with parang

By John Isaac

Cases of road rage in the country is definitely not something to be proud of.

Despite numerous offenders being nabbed, such cases continue to surface and in the most recent incident, another motorist was threatened with a parang.

The incident occurred yesterday along Jalan Firma from Perling heading to the Pasir Gudang Highway.

Apparently upset over being honked at, the driver of the Honda Civic got down and walked to the other car before showing the driver the middle finger.

He was accompanied by his passenger who also did the same.

Not happy, he stopped again and this time, got down with a parang which he used to hit the other car.

Hope the victim has since lodged a police report and this road bully nabbed soon.

How come this driver was traveling with a parang in his car?

Hopefully, PDRM picks him and his passenger up soon.