Muslim woman comes forward to help injured dog

Screenshot from video

By John Isaac

At a time when racial tensions seem high in our country, a woman has come forward in a true show of what humanity is all about.

Though details of where and when this happened remain unclear, it is learnt that a dog was hit by a car and was lying in pain in the centre of a busy road.

A woman, obviously a Muslim since she was wearing a tudung appeared from no where and helped carry the injured animal to safety.

Videos and pictures of her great act have since gone viral on social media and netizens have come out in tremendous praise for her.

Such a woman deserves an award and is clear proof that humanity is still strong and rife in the hearts of many Malaysians.

Every religion in this world teaches us about love and kindness, not only towards each other, but also God's creations and this woman has proven this beyond a doubt.

Well done to her.