Selfie verification now mandatory for Grab passengers

Take a selfie before booking a Grab. -Pic from Google

By Huzraifah Atikah

Starting July 12, all Grab passengers (new and existing) will be required to take a one-time selfie for verification purposes and to create a safer environment. 

The one-time selfie verification has been in motion for new Grab users since March, and will now be extended to existing users as well. 

According to Grab, since the introduction of the feature to new riders last month, passenger-related crimes have dropped by 30%.

The selfie is meant for identification, safety and it can be used to assist authorities when required. 

Grab assures that all passengers’ selfie and identity is secured and it will not be shared with their driver-partner or merchants.

Grab assured riders that the photograph will be used for a one-time verification process only and that riders’ data is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), as with all personal data provided to the company.

Thus, for better control and privacy, the app will always request permission before it can access the camera on the passenger’s your smartphone. 

However, Grab said the app may request for an additional selfie for verification purposes when required to do so.

On a side note, when taking a selfie, the app will show a guideline to frame your head as well as your shoulders. 

After it’s aligned, it will even ask you to move your head up and down as a way to ensure that you’re not holding a photo in front of the camera.

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This initiative becomes mandatory after a Grab driver was murdered in Sabah. 

Reportedly, the selfie verification feature assisted PDRM’s investigation, leading to the arrest of two suspects in the case.