Backlash against Tun M grand daughter Serena over Icerd

Serena's post on IG

By Huzraifah Atikah

Tun Dr Mahathir's grand daughter Melia Serena Mukhriz has come under fire from netizens after posting comments describing Icerd rally participants as 'disgusting' on Instagram.

She came under heavy fire and was "pounded" on Instagram, Twitter and also Facebook.

While some agreed with her statement, many others criticised her on her choice of words in expressing her thoughts.

Some of the tweets criticising her:

"Serena Mukhriz, idk who tf you are but if still going to run that shitty mouth around here believe me, these people will smack your face off like a retarded dog".

"Serena mukhriz contoh spoiled- privileged-anakmenteri-cucu pm."

The massive criticisms made her switch off the comment sections.

Here are some other comments on Twitter:

Another user on Twitter insulted Serena saying 'total respect for Tun Mahathir, however, intelligence cannot be inherited.'

Serena responded to the criticisms by posting two comments in her Instagram

"It's honestly so disappointing to see how people in my own race can be so hateful, discriminating and be such bullies. One thing they don't agree on, they’d immediately stalk you and say the most hurtful things just because they are triggered and bothered."

"If you think commenting negative stuff would make me regret what I said or make me feel bad about myself. You’re fooling yourself really. I’m really just chillin."