Raya vs Exams

Exams started immediately after Raya

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

While many were enjoying celebrating and taking a break during the Hari Raya Aidilfitri break, some university students were struggling to juggle between studies and the festivities as their exams fall this week.

Caught in-between, many students were in a dilemma as they needed to divide their time between Raya and final exams.

To some, celebrating Raya is a must but it was overcast with worries of the exams.

Adam Rizki, 23, a business student at Universiti Malaysia Perlis (Unimap), said he prepared earlier by studying before Raya.

"Our tradition during Raya is we go from house to house for the whole week visiting our relatives. It would be a loss if I could not join the celebration. 

"Therefore, I decided to study one week before Raya. It's a win-win situation!," said Adam who is from Kedah. 

For Nurhaifa Kharim, 23, a student of Universti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), this year's Raya celebrations is not as good as before due to the final exams. 

Haifa said she can celebrate Raya every year but she cannot afford to mess up in the final exams which that can determine her future. 

"The first day of Raya, I spent time with my family. But I had to hit the books on the second day of Raya. My exams are more important and learned to divide my time," she said.

Haifa also gave some her tips on studying during Raya. 

"We all know studying during Raya can be so challenging, right? But as a student, we need to work smart. Sacrificing sleep is a must! But don't force your body and rest whenever you need to. Keep small notes with you and use any free time you have to go through them," she added.

It's a different story for Tawau girl, Raihani Zulkifli, 22, who spent the Raya holiday in campus. 

The Universiti Utara Malaysia student said her exams started before Raya and ends after Raya.

"It is far and costly for me to travel to my hometown. I think it is best for me to celebrate Raya here to really focus on my studies.

The Computer Science student said that she also needed time to finish her thesis.

"As a final year student, the thesis is one of the most important tasks for me to finish in order to graduate on time. I have to really put my focus on the thesis. Raya can wait," she said. 

But for Farhana Murad, an accountancy student from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), this Raya was totally different as this was her first time having final exams after Raya.

"This is my last semester and I cannot take it for granted. I sacrificed my Raya and studied during the whole holiday week. It doesn't matter, I can always celebrate Raya next year," said the final year student. 

She also hoped that UKM would have a better schedule for the timing of exams in the future.