Gay sex, Malaysian politics & a bleak future

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By John Isaac

Gay Wars - the saga continues? Well, it certainly looks that way.

Just when Malaysians thought they had voted for a better government which would be free of gutter politics, the empire strikes back!

Just like the old days when Malaysian politics was flooded with below the belt antics by Barisan Nasional politicians and their cronies.

Never mind the fact that several Orang Asli died recently from a mysterious illness - attention is now diverted to two men allegedly doing each other in a hotel room.

And the sad part being, one them is allegedly a Senior Minister whom some believe is Prime Minister material.

Seriously, what is becoming of our political scene?

It does not take a nuclear scientist to figure that all this was triggered following the appointment of the new MACC chief.

Fine, there was some unhappiness, but this kind of gutter politics is certainly not the way to go.

If anyone had possession of that video, it should have been handed over to the rightful authorities to be investigated.

Once again, social media has proven to be a more effective, stronger tool and true or not, the persons involved are left with a mammoth task of having to clear their names.

Malaysians as a whole should not be drawn into this drama as there are many more important things to focus on.

The only depressing thing here is, who are we going to vote for in the next general election?

High time for the emergence of a third force maybe?

Why not ... provided of course the third force has no leftovers of the first and second force that is.

I believe the nation needs a fresh new start, not one that is a chip off the old block - which is what we are experiencing today.

With a little over three years to go before the next election, the only hope left for Malaysians is to pray for a miracle.

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