Politicians: Please keep your kids out of it, says reader

Image from reader - for illustration only

By A Malaysian who has had enough!

As a parent, I personally feel politicians should not let their children, especially the younger aged ones get involved in their political affairs.

It seems like it's becoming a norm here in Malaysia that after any major political event, the children of those involved take to social media to express their two cents worth.

Seriously, being spoilt, rich kids, do you guys really know the pains and struggles of the people?

You guys are probably living in some posh bungalow and have everything spoon fed to you, while normal people like us have to struggle to make a living.

Then, from the comforts of your dolled up bedrooms, you decide to turn on your computers and post something on social media.

For people like us, it is darn annoying. If you really want to know how the people feel, then come live among us, normal folk and you will realise what we go through.

The reason we protest or why your parents are being nabbed by the MACC all have reasons attached.

While your parents were busy stealing our money, where was the sympathy for people like us?

When our children cried because they did not have enough to eat, where was the sympathy?

While you were feasting in lavish hotels, did you even bother to throw the rakyat a bone?

Come on, stop all this nonsense and trying to get sympathy from us.

We really can't be bothered and only want to see the wrongdoers suffering behind bars