Top 5 Local Beauty Brands That You Must Know!

Vegan and cruelty-free local beauty brands, Velvet Vanity.

By Syafiqah Azman

Beauty is such a huge business, no kidding. There are varieties of products when it comes to beauty. From eyes, face, lips and even hair. 

When it comes to local beauty brands, it is no exception. If you notice, we started to have tons of local brands popping up with super duper quality products and the important part is that it is way cheaper!

Here’s the top 5 local makeup brands that you should know!

1. Velvet Vanity Cosmetics

From lip cream to cream blusher, it is a necessity for women who want to have a natural look. Velvet Vanity is a cruelty free product. But here’s the thing, besides being cruelty free, the brand is suitable for vegans! In March 2016, Adlina Nadhirah, 24 created her own vegan brand when she realised that the vegan movement is growing throughout the world.  

2. BeauTyra

If you are not into cream blusher, do not PANIC as this brand will provide you with good powder blusher! Athirah Kamaruzzaman or better known as Tyrakmrzmn on her social media, is the founder of BeauTyra. It hit the local market when she came up with AH-mazing and pigmented blusher. The brand also promotes beauty in different ways and focuses on different skin tones. 

3. NITA Cosmetics

Packaging always catches someone’s heart to buy something. Doesn't it? Aznita Zainul Azman, founder of NITA Cosmetics, said her brands were inspired from our own culture such as cheongsam, saree, songket and also kurung. Their first collection come out with 15 different shades of matte liquid lipstick that will make you want to spend on more of them. Ka-ching! 

4. So.lek

“In Bahasa, solek means make-up and also the abbreviation can also mean, “So? Relax!,” So.lek was started by Dahlia Nadhirah and her brother Luqman Hakim Juhari. It is also halal-certified. So.lek come up with the Bunga Gang collection in its first series - Anggerik, Dahlia, Seroja, Mawar, Raya and Chempaka.  Such cool names, don’t you think so? Besides lipstick, So.lek also provides you with peel-able nail colors and water permeable! Now you can grab their latest collection of lipstick, Muzik Gang at Guardian stores. 

5. Breena Beauty 

Well if you think you are going to read one more story about lipstick, you are wrong! Breena Beauty recently came up with their cleansing tools to clean your brushes and also a beauty blender! It is so easy and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Breena Beauty also provides you the best eyeshadow palette- Wanderlust! It is good for beginners as the 15 shadows can give you that warm and natural look.