Pakatan Harapan: How sure are we that we can trust you?

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By Anak Malacca

Since the May general election, newspapers and portals have been flooded with reports of how Barisan Nasional leaders abused their positions and stole billions of ringgit from the rakyat.

The list never seems to end and day after day, more and more scandals are being unearthed.

Personally, I just wonder how much did these politicians actually steal? I was informed by someone in the know that it was around the tune of RM150 - RM200 billion, which I believe is possible considering all the years they have been at the helm.

Their manipulation spreads far and wide and even the Auditor-General's report was not spared.

The annual AG's report was meant to be transparent and impartial and aimed to act as a report card for the rakyat to scrutinise.

After all, the money spent by the Government comes from the rakyat and we have a right to know where and how our money is being spent.

However, now, it comes to light that even this report card was not spared the abuse and certain high ranking individuals had a hand in manipulating it.

The rakyat spoke and we got all these criminals out. But now, comes the next question. How sure are we that we can now trust the current administration?

After all, some of those in Pakatan Harapan are still from the stables of BN.

To me personally as a final year student in Political Science, the only solution is the highest level of transparency.

If Finance Minister, Lim Guan Eng says our debts are at RM1 trillion, it is his duty to show us proof of this.

All records and transactions must be transparent and nothing should be hidden under the blanket of the Official Secrets Act like what the BN used to do.

The only way we are going to be 100 per cent convinced that we are being administered by a clean, credible government is for them to lay all the cards on the table.

The PH Government must be transparent in every aspect and leave nothing unturned.

We, as those who elected them into power must have complete and unlimited access to anything we find dubious - we can no longer trust anyone or take anyone's word for granted.

We put our trust in Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak for years and just look at what he did.

Although Malaysia is a nation rich in resources, yet some of it's people do not even have one good meal a day.

He literally sold out everyone and his wife was merciless in squeezing blood from the rakyat.

We are no longer the fools we used to be and this time around we want the people who we put there to be accountable to us - otherwise, it is time for us to look to a third alternative.