Ferrari on the road for more than two years without road tax

Picture from reader

By Ishak Ibrahim (YC reader)

The rich and powerful in our country always believe they can get away with anything.

Well, I don't blame them considering the amount of corrupt practices being detected and weeded out lately.

As the saying goes, "cash is king" - these people simply believe they are above the law and can do anything they like.

Recently, during a roadblock along the Kuala Lumpur-Karak stretch, police stopped a Ferrari on the road without road tax and upon checking, they found the driver had not paid for road tax for more than two years.

This driver was either getting away with it all this while through some illegal means or just never got caught.

It is time for the authorities to be impartial and subject these so-called rich and influential people to the same laws as everyone else.

If this guy can afford to buy a Ferrari, then surely he should be able to purchase the road tax right?

Corruption has become part and parcel of this country's daily operations and I really hope the current government sincerely and honestly continues with it's crackdown.