Experience real horror at HauntU

HaunTu is located at The Linc, near LRT Ampang Park

By Huzraifah Atikah

Have you ever watched a horror movie and thought what if you were in that scene? What will you do if you are put into that situation?

Well, you now can find out at HauntU, an immersive haunted house created by Superdough Sdn Bhd. 

A conventional haunted house usually comes with a theme and only aims to scare people. But HauntU is different because it is a horror game experienced with a storyline. 

“We used Malaysia’s theme to create HauntU. The experiences take you to post-colonial Malaya in this infamous hotel containing a dark mystery,” said its marketing, PR and licensing director Cheah Ka Wai.

“What's unique about HauntU is that we feature real actors, where the players can interact and find clues or run away to exit the game,” said Cheah.

He said they hired real theatre performers or students who love acting but does not have a platform to practice their acting skills. 

The original idea and storyline was developed by its creative and operation director Johnny Ong and the head of interior architecture and design Ee Wil Ken. 

“HauntU has three stories featuring different plots and settings. The first part is called The Thief. The second and third is the tourist and paranormal investigators,” Cheah said.

The interactive horror experience price is RM58  for session lasting about 45-55 minutes.

HauntU is located at The Linc, a two-minute walk from LRT Ampang Park.