Youths urge Nurul to reconsider decision to quit

Image from Facebook

By Students Malaysia

Dear Nurul Izzah Anwar, We have always looked up to you as a new emerging leader for the youth of tomorrow.

You have been a source of inspiration and motivation for many youngsters around the country and hearing of your sudden resignation was truly painful and sad.

While we respect your decision to quit as the party vice-president and Penang state chief, deep down, we are hoping and praying that you come back.

Youths these days do not have many figures to look up to and you were certainly one among the few.

We had always pictured you as among the next top three to five leaders here with the capability of guiding Malaysia to the future.

However, we are sure you had your reasons to do what you did as what was going on in PKR was probably against your principles.

From this, we can see you are a person with high principles and not someone to close an eye to something you do not agree with.

We are really sad that you may no longer feature in mainstream politics, but hope you can now get more involved and active in youth-related activities.

We, youths need a strong, inspirational figure like you.

Also, for the sake of the nation's political future, we hope Pakatan Harapan can soon iron out whatever stormy seas it is going through.

More focus should be placed on the transformation of the nation's economy rather than on political survival and struggles only.

We humbly call upon the leaders concerned to place all personal issues and differences aside and to focus on what the people truly need.