Tikus masak kicap anyone?

Pix- Harian Metro

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Imagine tucking into your favourite dish and finding something else inside it.

Well, Azmi Ali, 48, from Batu Pahat just experienced it!

He was shocked to find a rat, which he first thought was chicken gizzard while having dinner.

“At first, I only took the ayam masak kicap. But because it was so delicious, I decided to try the chicken gizzard too.

“I was shocked to see a tail and only realized it was a rat when I picked it up with a spoon,” he told Harian Metro.

Azmi was eating with his wife and kids when he made the horrifying discovery.

“I immediately lost my appetite and vomited. Now my whole family is traumatised with what happened.”  

Azmi has since lodged a report at the Batu Pahat Health Department but did not plan to pursue the matter personally. 

The incident has also gone viral on social media since yesterday.

He hoped food stall operators were careful in food preparation and always kept their premises clean so that incidents like this will never happen again.

The food stall owner has also apologised over the incident.

Looks like to pays to check whether a food outlet is clean before deciding to eat there.

Let's use our powers as consumers and avoid dirty outlets.