Kind, old lady who spends her time feeding strays

Picture from SinChew

By John Isaac

She uses a walking stick to move around, but that does not stop Sister Kim from feeding stray dogs and cats in the streets.

Often seen driving around her red Proton Saga in Seremban, this old lady is the retired owner of a hair salon.

Sister Kim makes over 10 stops a day to feed the animals and spends about RM800 a month for her cause.

"When my husband was alive, we raised 10 dogs together. I love animals and enjoy spending my time feeding the strays on the streets," she said.

Sister Kim said she never accepted any donations and now, her son helps cover the cost.

She mixes rice with sardine and serves the food on sheets of newspaper to ensure there is no mess.

"My son is okay with what I do. I also take home injured animals to treat their wounds," she said.

She said she feeds the strays till about 8pm daily.

“Not everyone is going to like what you do, so I will do what I think is right,” she added.

Keep up the great work, Sister Kim!