Is it right for Syed Saddiq to call for the resignation of a fellow Minister?

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By Amir Razak (A reader)

We were all greatly disturbed and upset with the recent Seafield Maha Mariamman Temple issue, but to point fingers at certain individuals as the cause is unfair.

We can only say a particular person or persons are responsible if we have proof that they masterminded the entire incident. Otherwise, it would be unfair for us to irresponsibly blame a certain individual.

In this respect, it would seem rather unprofessional for Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq to call for the resignation of a minister, claiming he was responsible for the entire incident.

If that is the case, then should we not be calling for Syed Saddiq himself to resign also following Malaysia's loss to Vietnam in the recent AFF Suzuki Cup?

Also, whatever happened to the doctrine of collective ministerial responsibility? As a minister, you should be standing up and defending your fellow minister, not calling for his resignation.

As DAP's Ramkarpal Singh put it, "One may agree or not with the decisions made by Waytha Moorthy in his handling of the Seafield temple issue. And he would certainly be subject to criticism from the public, but to be publicly told by a fellow minister to resign is quite another thing.

"It goes against such well-established conventions that a government is collectively responsible for its decisions".

Also, as Ramkarpal pointed out, if a minister was to be reprimanded at all, such a reprimand ought to come from the Prime Minister, and not his fellow ministers.

"Such public outbursts between fellow ministers certainly does not inspire public confidence in government unity.

"His public demand has nothing to do with his claim that he is being silenced from voicing his views on the matter," Ramkarpal said.

It is not about being silenced, but rather more about being professional and placing importance on public perception.

Do you think voters are going to be incredibly excited knowing that the Cabinet is so disunited and there is no common working ground among each other?

As ministers, they should lead by example and certainly washing dirty linen in public is not something  they should be doing.