Ladies, beware of this pervert on KTM ladies only coaches

Image from Twitter

By John Isaac

Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing!

This pervert went out of his way to get dressed in a tudung and baju kurung so he could get on board a KTM ladies only coach.

And what did he do there?

Well, according to posts from women passengers, they have spotted this pervert before and this time, he was up to his nonsense again.

The man was seen taking out his private part and then rubbing it against the woman passenger in front of him.

Following the posts on Twitter and Facebook, other female passengers also came forward to say they have seen this man on board before.

KTM has since urged anyone who sees this man to alert them immediately or to call the police.

Women action groups have also urged those who have fallen victim to any form or sexual harassment not to remain silent but to come forward and lodge a report.

By remaining silent, these groups claim women were only encouraging such acts to continue.

So, be alert ladies and call the cops if you come across any such incident or spot this pervert.