Malaysia Baru not so new

Pictures on social media

By A concerned youth

Is there a place for flattery in Malaysia Baru? Well, just by looking at the picture above, it sure looks like it.

It now seems although the government has changed, Malaysia Baru is not really that new.  

Recently pictures of our Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq have gone viral on social media depicting him as Superman and having an energy drink and coffee named after him.

These have sparked fierce online debates and looks like he does not have much to say about it.

Youths played a major role in dismantling a 60-year old government, with the hope of ending many things associated with it.

While some things may be changing, it looks like the politics of flattery remains, going by the pictures that we have seen.  

This practise was one most commonly associated with the previous government and it was one of the contributory factors that led to its unexpected demise.

Wonder if the powers that be, have learned anything from the previous government. Some of its leaders are now embroiled in various controversies and facing criminal charges. 

Well, I think we can’t really blame the institutions and the people who come up with such patronising stuff as it was okay until recently.

But politicians advocating Malaysia Baru should be more level headed to steer clear of such things as perception is of utmost importance in politics.

Previously, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Hannah Yeoh tweeted on goodie bags being given out during government or private sector events.

She labelled them as waste of money and resources that could be better spent elsewhere. 

Well, maybe she should also look into this patronising issue as it is surely a more serious problem than goodie bags!

The rakyat should also realise that these politicians are not some superheroes that have saved our beloved country. 

Please do not lure them into the same pitfalls that had consumed many politicians previously.

The current batch of politicians are still far from saving the country, if it needs saving in the first place.

What we need now are politicians who prioritises the well being of the people, to be with the people and become a respected leader who fulfils duties as they should.

The current government must inculcate awareness on the dangers of patronisation and come up with ways politicians can avoid, especially when facing the people at public events.

All is not lost yet but it looks like Pakatan Harapan politicians need more training on public relations and the politics of perception.