PH: Pull up your socks before it's too late

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By John Isaac

It has been seven months since the last General Election and the new government being sworn in.

People's expectations were high and everyone was looking forward to a better life and greater economic progress.

The people had enough of the corruption, abuse of power, lies and suffering economy under the previous Barisan Nasional regime.

With Pakatan Harapan, the people were full of hope and were dreaming of the greater Malaysia they had been promised all this while.

However, after all these months, we find the people's confidence in the PH administration taking a turn for the worse.

One major contributor to this is the flip flop decisions and statements being made by their leaders.

There is no co-ordination or proper thought before certain PH ministers shoot off their mouth.

Perhaps, they are inexperienced or are simply trying too hard to impress the people.

Whatever it is, they have been putting their foot in their mouth and this is certainly not going down well with the people.

As Rafizi Ramli recently pointed out, it does not take a genius to tell you that their popularity ratings are dropping.

Also, the disunity among party members and the washing of dirty linen in public is also certainly not a confidence booster.

What the PH administration needs most urgently is discipline to ensure members do not continue to use the media as their platform to voice their grievances.

If family disputes are all brought out into the open, the public can only conclude there is no unity and co-operation among their elected leaders.

If one cannot even keep their own house clean, then how do you expect them to effectively administer the nation?

Please don't tell me the people have elected a BN 2.0 into power.

Also, perhaps due to the constraint on funds, the ministers are unable to employ experienced and effective advisers, resulting in them making shallow and improper statements at press conferences.

PH must remember that though it is made up of several components, the people want to see unity.

We cannot have a PKR leader saying something and then a DAP leader contradicting it, followed by Bersatu saying something totally different.

Is it too early to jump the gun?

Well, based on the comments on social media and the call for certain ministers to be replaced, I would think it is now or never for PH to pull up their socks.

As it stands now, calls for the return of iron lady, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz are growing very strong on social media.

Perhaps PH should set up an advisory panel made up of senior, experienced members, like Rafidah, who can help steer the administration in the right direction.

Act now, before the people draw their own conclusion.