Taki Taki Turns to Nasi Nasi Parody

Source: YouTube

By Syafiqah Azman

Recently, a video of a song called Nasi Nasi, a collaboration between Singaporean and Malaysian social media influencers, went viral and caught netizens attention. 

In this video, Hirzi or known as Syasya Woke a Singaporean together with two other Malaysians, Yusof Hashim better known as Ucopp for his Dubsmash videos and also a vlogger, Johanis Sani. 

The song Nasi Nasi is a parody of an original song called Taki Taki from DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna and Cardi B.

“The video is all about the Malaysia - Singapore friendship/rivalry but with Nasi Lemak as the metaphoric discussion,” explained Johanis, one of the singers in the video, on her Twitter.

As we all know, Malaysians and Singaporeans are frequently at logger heads when it comes to claiming ownership on anything especially in food. 

Hirzi, who made this possible, said that by making this video, it was one of the ways to lighten things up and show how much similarities we share rather than the differences we have. 

Most of the comments on the video said that it was actually good and entertaining but some also said the video was humiliating women and also the nasi lemak!

However, Johanis asked Malaysians to watch it with an open mind and see the creativity and humor in the video. 

Watch the full parody below.