Isn't urging an attack on a police station a serious threat?

Image from The Star

By Concerned Citizen

I was extremely shocked and even scared following what I heard from friends who attended a rally organised by several Malay NGOs on Christmas Day.

Apparently, the rally was organised to call for the resignation of P. Waytha Moorthy and Human Resources Minister, M. Kulasegaran within 40 days.

What was most shocking is that several speakers threatened that if their demands were not met, they would resort to certain acts of violence, including launching an attack on a police station.

Yes, I understand many people are upset following the death of fireman, Muhammad Abib Mohd Kassim, but will any of this bring him back to life?

Are they guaranteeing us that no one else will be killed or injured if they resort to violence?

A majority of Malaysians are obviously angry and upset over the death of Muhammad Adib, but that does not give us the right to resort to violence.

Also, who are these groups to demand the apology of two ministers?

These ministers were selected and appointed by the Prime Minister whom I am sure knows very well what to do and what not to.

Kulasegaran was elected by his constituents and selected by his party and the leadership concerned.

What has the resignation of Kulasegaran got to do with the late fireman?

Just because Kulasegaran is an Indian, does that mean he or any other Indian minister has total control over the actions of the community as a whole?

Then, if that is the case, the entire MIC should have been abolished as from my perspective, as an Indian, they certainly did not do much to assist the community.

We had an ineffective government for years and years and now, after just few months, we have some NGOs calling for ministers to resign.

So, where were all these NGOs when Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak along with his Chinese sidekick, Jho Low were busy robbing us from right under our noses?

Why not these NGOs call for every Chinese minister to resign also - after all Jho Low is a Chinese and he has squandered billions of our money.

As a Malaysian, I urge my fellow countrymen not to be taken in by such rallies and demonstrations.

If Muhammad Adib was really murdered, then let the authorities deal with it and punish those responsible.

In fact, the cops should pick up one or two of the speakers at the recent rally for inciting racial hatred and tension.

During the rally, Pertubuhan Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) president Datuk Azwanddin Hamzah Ariffin Abu Bakar, in his speech, used provocative language and repeatedly used a derogatory word against Waytha Moorthy.

He also urged the crowd to attack a police station if no action is taken on the murder of Muhammad Adib.

However, during the press conference after the gathering, Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Geras) president Abu Bakar Mohamed was quick to distance himself from Azwanddin’s words.

There is even no unity among these NGOs and I believe they are just there to win some brownie points for themselves.

Urging an attack on a police station certainly sounds like a serious threat and surely an act of provocation.

Rather that going after Waytha Moorthy or Kulasegaran for something beyond their control, the police should instead put these agent provocateurs in jail.