Greater & faster internet for better education

Gobind Singh - Image from The Star

By Norman Tan (reader)

The link between greater and faster internet coverage in this country and better education for all is something many tend to overlook.

As the corridors of the world become narrower with digital economy gaining more significance, providing internet access to a wider section of our population will greatly help in ensuring quality education for all.

More and more schools in the world are moving towards e-learning, whereby even those in outskirt areas with internet access will be able to enjoy the same quality of education as their friends in the city.

For a nation like Malaysia, many students, especially those in Sabah and Sarawak are deprived of quality education due to numerous factors like geographical locations and also lack of teachers.

A one-stop solution for this of course, would be e-learning whereby any school with good internet access will be able to stream live or even recorded classes to all their students effortlessly.

Meaning, one good Mathematics lesson by an experienced teacher for a Form Three class can be followed by students in the same form from numerous schools across the country.

The move by Minister of Communications and Multimedia Gobind Singh Deo for greater and faster internet access is surely a welcome one and something which should have been done a long time ago.

Like every other sector, education should also be border-less and no student should be deprived of a sound education in this country.

More efforts should be made to ensure internet access is made available nationwide as the long term benefits for this would be countless.

Apart from ensuring better quality in education, parents can also save huge amounts in tuition fees.

Students need no longer go for after school tuition classes as even these can be made available via e-learning.

Of course, also something which Gobind is pushing for is greater affordability for all walks of life.

With better, faster and cheaper internet access, the possibilities are endless and with a sound e-learning infrastructure, the level of education here would surely see huge improvements.

I hope Gobind continues to push the numerous telcos in the country to improve and expand their services for a better future for us all.