Who are we to judge the LGBT community?

Image from news.com.au

By John Isaac

Recently, two gay men were caught half-naked in a car and bashed up by the security guards who spotted them.

Following the incident, social media was abuzz with mixed reactions from netizens over the action take by the guards.

However, there were those who applauded them, saying what the two men were doing was against religious teachings and they deserved what they got.

From the perspective of the law, they were truly wrong to be engaging in sexual activities in a public place, but so was the action by the security guards to beat them up.

What caught my attention during this debate of what was wrong and right was the kind of hatred some people had for the LGBT community.

From some of the comments, it seemed like some viewed the LGBT community as devils within our midst.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to hate or love who they please, but not to the extent of condemning the community to the ground.

In this modern society, we cannot deny the existence of all kinds of people with a variety of tastes and likes.

Though some of it may truly be against our religious teachings, it would be best we left that between God and them - we should not be the judge.

What the guards did was surely beyond their scope and a clear abuse of power.

They should have just contacted the police and left, instead, they felt they were doing us a favour by whacking up two gay men.

Whether we like it or not, gay men and women are increasing day by day and though Malaysia being a Muslim nation, they are also very prevalent here.

There are also numerous gay bars and other entertainment outlets around town and this is something we have to learn to live with.

In fact, some countries have even began legalising same-sex marriages and allowed them to adopt babies also.

With this in mind, it is best for those haters to simply keep the rage within them and not decide to be a judge and punisher.

If two men want to hold hands and walk together, then let it be. Surely, we have more important and pressing issues to focus on.