Depression, the silent, but sure killer

Image from ritesh bawri

By A former victim

I used to wake up almost every morning feeling miserable and like the whole world was against me.

I had everything I needed - a good home, own room, enough money to spend and all an 18-year-old would want in life.

Nobody, not even my parents could understand what I was going through. In fact, I felt there was nobody at all in this world who would understand what I was going through.

There was no reason for what I was facing and many times, I used to think the unthinkable.

If I was not such a coward, I am sure I would have taken my own life.

My parents were always busy with work and my other siblings also had their own stuff to do.

I never knew what depression was, though I have heard of it before. I never imagined that someone like me would ever go through depression.

Whenever I heard of others going through depression, I would think they were some kind of weird, mentally retarded persons.

Little did I know that depression was among the most deadly, silent killers in the world.

There are no physical wounds, no scars, nothing external - only deep, emotional pain that slowly, but surely will kill you.

I was almost on the verge of no return until a teacher in a religious class that I attended noticed my subtle behavioural changes.

She began speaking to me every week and over a period of time, I began opening up to her.

I realised that speaking to someone about the way I feel actually made me feel much better.

After about three months, she introduced me to a professional counselor and also explained my situation to my parents.

At first, my folks refused to accept what I was going through, but eventually, they acknowledged the silent killer within.

From then on, my journey towards recovery began. I spent time each week with professional counselors and my parents made sure I was never left alone.

It was a tedious, painful and long recovery process, but today, four years later, I am a changed person.

One thing I learnt was that depression is not an incurable disease but something that can be managed.

Trust me. The first road towards battling depression is recognising and acknowledging that you are actually suffering from it.

If you continue to live in denial and keep brushing it aside, it will begin eating you up, day by day.

Do not be afraid. Speak to someone before it is too late. There are those out there who care and can help.