You have been removed from this WhatsApp group!

Man decides to sue group admin who removed him

By Huzraifah Atikah

Technology has changed our lives specifically on the way we communicate with others.

Many use chat applications to discuss even the smallest of things. With WhatsApp becoming the most used chat application, it has also brought about a whole lot of problems too.

So, what happens when you are removed from a group chat for whatever reason?

Some just ignore it while many others may feel slighted and become upset over it.

But the following case seems to have gone beyond that.

Hizatul Isham Abdul Jalil, a former aide to ex-PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak, was removed from a residents association chat group and he has now threatened to sue the group admin.

In a FB post, Hizatul said he was removed from the group ‘Persatuan Penduduk Presint 10 Putrajaya’.

He stated the reason was because he often shared articles criticising the PH government.

He said his removal smacked of ‘double standards’ and ‘discriminatory’.

“I know the law and I know my rights. I will file a case against those who are responsible. This is not a regular Whatsapp group, it is the Whatsapp group of a registered residents association. I am an owner of one of the properties there,” he said.

Hizatul also said that during the GE14, many in the group had also posted and shared information criticising Najib and the BN government but no one was removed from the group.

“Now when I post and criticise with facts, I was removed because the government supporters got angry and were uncomfortable,” he added.

Here is his full post on FB:

Netizens are having mixed feelings about his post, with some criticising him while some others agreeing with him on the issue.  

Here is some of the netizens reaction on his FB post: