Salted lizard anyone?

Pix - The Straits Times

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

If before this we heard the story of maggots in buns, dead mouse in ayam masak kicap, today we have a dead lizard in Irvins Salted Eggs Fish Skin bag!

Jane Holloway, 38, who lives in Bangkok, through her Facebook post last Saturday (Dec 29) said that her mother and brother had eaten half of the bag of Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skin before they discovered the dead reptile.

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Describing it as "so disgusting", she wrote: "How can this happen? This gecko was probably deep fried with the salmon skin by the looks of it. Eeeewwww!"

Holloway mentioned that she bought the product in early November from an international supermarket Villa Market at K Village in the Khlong Toei district. 

What is more surprising is when her brother had initially thought the dead lizard was a baby salmon fish head.

Yesterday (Jan 2), Irvins Salted Egg founder Irvin Gunawan, apologized in a statement while stating that the company is shocked and devastated to hear about the incident. 

"We really want to sincerely apologise to the customer and everyone who is affected by this incident directly or indirectly. We take full responsibility for the goods that we sell and everything in it," he said.

Gunawan added that the company will always prioritise quality control aspect.

He also said that he had since personally contacted Holloway about the incident.

According to The Straits Times, Gunawan had offered the family a refund for the snacks and the cost of any medical bills arising from the incident.